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About Tallgrass

Tallgrass aims to be the best of breed when it comes to delivering high quality services to fiber optic networks. This starts with careful preparation, good planning and clear communication. We work with a team committed to solving your issues by taking over the ownership of the task at hand. We will hand over the optical network when all operations are back to normal. This is what defines Tallgrass. For more info, please see the Services page.

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Our services include

A good networks starts with a good design. Since we focus on fiber optics, our designs are based around both the geographical aspects as well as the functional aspects of a network. The design serves as a basis for a scalable approach towards sustainable network management.

Another important part of the process is preparation. By performing a detailed site survey, we know exactly what we need to implement the right functionality without causing down time.

Most of the work can be done in a controlled environment. This saves time and reduces the margin for error. Also, since all the equipment has been preconfigured, the engineer in the field can focus on the taks of getting the network up and running.

Measurements are crucial to a successful roll-out. By knowing exactly what the influencing factors on your network are, you can adjust all the hardware accordingly. In combination with good planning, site surveys and prestaging, field work is reduced to following procedures rather than 'ad hoc' approaches.

Most of the preparations should be done at the time of installation. At this point, commissioning a line is the key focus. By focusing on minimal downtime and by applying the right calculations, installing a fiber link should be easy. It's what we do.

After installing a network it is important to keep an eye on all the parameters. By implementing successful monitoring tools we can make sure the network is always up. By signaling minor changes we can predict and prevent outages.

Our engineers are on 24x7 standby to support you in keeping your network up and running. This can only be done by skilled engineers that have access to the right tools. By taking over the ownership of your problem, you can be assured we will find the cause and where possible solve it within a minimal time frame. This is our unique approach.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any requirements regarding your [future] fiber optic network, we look forward to working with you!

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